Dexter Chin: Patent Monetization

Title :Patent Monetization dexterchin
Invited Presentation: Dexter Chin
Affiliation: Horizon IP Pte. Ltd. (Singapore).


“Patent monetization”, a term that has become “en vogue” in recent years.  However, patent monetization has been around for many years.  Approaches for patent monetization include licensing, legal enforcement, sale as well as others.  The approach taken may depend on various factions, such as the objective of patent owner, the value of the asset, and the situation involved.  We will discuss various examples of patent monetization and their impact.



With over 25 years of legal experience, Dexter offers extensive business and legal expertise on all facets of IP portfolio creation and monetization, including IP procurement and acquisition, competitive analysis, strategic planning, global portfolio management, technology evaluation and licensing negotiations.

As the founder of Horizon IP Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), and a former senior patent counsel at Siemens Corporation in Iselin (New Jersey), Dexter has developed strong expertise in many diverse technologies and business processes, including advanced memory products, fiber optics, imaging, semiconductor materials and processing, telecommunication services, speech recognition signal processing, and network systems.  Dexter has also counseled clients in matters related to technical standards (JEDEC, SLDRAM and ATM consortia).  Other professional experiences include serving as an attorney in AT&T Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill (New Jersey) and Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton in the Palo Alto office, preparing and prosecuting domestic and foreign patent applications and conducting patent validity and infringement analyses.

Dexter works closely with various Singapore government bodies to implement IP educational strategies and to increase public IP awareness.  He also serves on the patent agents qualifying examination committee of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore