YB Lin: Advanced MIS SIP Technology

Title :Advanced MIS SIP Technology yblin
Invited Presentation: YB Lin
Affiliation: Engineering Center
Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd


Molded Interconnect System (MIS) packaging is advanced semiconductor packaging technology and mature in semiconductor industry from 2011 and its superior electrical and thermal performance accommodates radio frequency (RF) and power management application. With innovative era coming, the demand for next generation semiconductor devices is driving lower cost, higher performance and increased functions including input/output (I/O) density, higher bandwidths and low power consumption as well as challenging packaging technology to create MIS Panel Packaging without packaging border for achieving the product marketing demand. Advanced Molded Interconnect System (MIS) SIP Packaging Technology is an innovative solution using Cu metal and molded compound MIS panel with full steel carrier on backside for robust transportation in packaging processes that enables ultra-thin SIP packaging and 3D SIP packaging. Furthermore, the advanced MIS SIP packaging will be introduced and compare current advanced packaging technologies to understand how and when to adopt this technology for achieving value semiconductor packaging



YB Lin, senior director of packaging technology from JCET, possesses over 60 IP and 20 years’ work experience of semiconductor packaging