Lunchtime Talk : Jean Trewhella – Acceleration of Electronic Packaging Innovation through Collaboration

Acceleration of Electronic Packaging Innovation through Collaboration

IEEE CPMT President


photo_trewhella_2010As semiconductor scaling has slowed down making the cost per transistor increase the world has turned to packaging to lead the charge of innovation.   This is evident by the growth in packaging papers published per year at IEEE conferences and workshops. They have increased over 3X in past 20 years with over 3800 publications in 2015 alone!  Packaging innovation papers are not only being seen in the traditional packaging forums sponsored by the IEEE CPMT but they are cropping up in many of the hardware societies.  The CPMT Society recognizes this and we are driving collaboration across societies, and organizations to provide a comprehensive Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap to be used by the industry at large.

Why is packaging growing so rapidly?   We are seeing the demands increasing with the fruition of the Internet of Things (IOT).  All areas of Packaging covered by CPMT will be called on to collaborate to drive the required electronic packaging innovations. The sensors themselves require new materials and reliability solutions meet the challenges of new harsh environments. Compute power and massive storage needs will drive new packaging advances to support localized low cost, low power processors for data analysis as well the other extreme requirements of the highly secure high power central processing hubs. IOT interconnects with their ever increasing bandwidth and latency requirements will call on innovations in signal and power integrity for wired and wireless connections. Assembly manufacturing advances are needed to address a much broader set of components including optical, electronic, actives, passives, and antennas which need to be tightly integrated.  Time to market is key and thus modeling and simulation will be called on to predict the thermal and mechanical resilience of the required hybrid solutions.

As the Packaging Society for IEEE, we welcome you to join CPMT as we strive to support the collaboration of technical communities through the exchange of ideas during this exciting time of exploration!



Ms. Trewhella received her B.S. in Physics from Antioch College (1987) and her M.S. in Applied Physics from Columbia University (1992). She joined the T.J. Watson Research Center, IBM, in 1988 where her work included polymer optical waveguides fabrication, electrical modeling, and opto-mechanical package design for data communication systems. In 2000 she created the High Speed Electrical and Optical Packaging Group in IBM Research directing work in electrical link signal integrity,  advanced 1st and 2nd level packaging, and low cost high speed opto-mechanical packaging. She received an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for her work on 10Gbps Ethernet Transceiver Development in 2003. In 2005 she drove IBM wide team of engineers and scientists to highlight key disruptive technologies synthesizing the messages into three GTO topics: Technology, Application-Optimized Systems, and Services 2.0.  From 2006-2008 she was responsible for the Electronic Packaging Integration Group in IBM STG where her team developed the power5 and z10 system hardware. Currently Jean Trewhella is the Director of IBM Packaging Research and Development Center with responsibility of 3D, low cost, and high performance packaging technology for current and future products.

Ms. Trewhella was on the Strategic Advisory Board for NSF STC – Materials & Devices for Information Technology Research 2004-2008, she served as the General Chair of the 60th ECTC and is currently a member at large of the CPMT Board of Governors. She has authored numerous papers and holds over 20 US patents.

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