Santosh Kumar: What’s happening in TSV based 3D/2.5D IC packaging: Latest market & technology trends

What’s happening in TSV based 3D/2.5D IC packaging: Latest market & technology trends

Santosh Kumar
Yole Développement


Through-silicon vias (TSVs) have now become the preferred interconnect choice for high-end memory. They are also an enabling technology for heterogeneous integration of logic circuits with CMOS image sensors (CIS), MEMS, sensors, and radio frequency (RF) filters. In the near future they will also enable photonics and LED function integration. The market for 3D TSV and 2.5D interconnect is expected to reach more than two million wafers in 2020, expanding at >20% CAGR. The growth is driven by increased by increased adoption of 3D memory devices in high-end graphics, high-performance computing, networking and data centers, and penetration into new areas, including fingerprint and ambient light sensors, RF filters, photonics and LEDs.

The presentation will explain the market’s dynamics and give an overview of all segments and key markets of the TSV based 3D/2.5D IC packaging.



Santosh Kumar,
Senior Technology and Market Analyst, Yole Développement

Santosh Kumar is currently working as Senior Technology & Market Research Analyst at Yole Développement. He is involved in the market, technology and strategic analysis of the microelectronic assembly and packaging technologies. His main interest areas are advanced IC packaging technology including equipment & materials. He is the author of several reports on fan-out / fan-in WLP, flip chip, and 3D/2.5D packaging.

He received the bachelor and master degree in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee and University of Seoul respectively. He has published more than 40 papers in peer reviewed journals and has obtained 2 patents. He has presented and given talks at numerous conferences and technical symposiums related to advanced microelectronics packaging.