Andreas Fischer: Package Miniaturization & Integration for Future Automotive Applications

Title :Package Miniaturization & Integration for Future Automotive Applications  AndreasFischer
Invited Presentation: Andreas Fischer
Affiliation: Senior Manager
ASIC Packaging Development
Robert Bosch GmbH

Advanced driver assistance systems, automated driving features, and comprehensive vehicle connectivity are key selling features for current and future automobiles.
The race of car manufacturers towards smart mobility is both, a major challenge and an opportunity for the automotive electronics industry.
Smart mobility requires highly integrated solutions with technology and packaging features and performance known from consumer electronics, but designed and approved for safety-relevant automotive applications under harsh conditions. Heterogeneously integrated packaging solutions will significantly increase technical complexity. At the same time automotive quality standards and lifetime requirements for the entire system have to be fulfilled, knowing that trends in automotive electronics will push the limits for certain applications to even higher levels than today.
Key capabilities to be successful are a profound knowledge of technology features, the related failure modes, and quantitative characterization of materials and interfaces. Those will be the basis for improved simulation-based engineering already in early design phases. Examples for that methodology are shown and an outlook towards possible improvements will be given.

Andreas Fischer has studied physics at the university of Ulm, Germany, focusing on solid state and polymer physics.After his master thesis on nuclear magnetic resonance and polymer dynamics he joined Bosch in 1990, starting as a process development engineer for hybrid circuits and sensors.Then he moved to assembly & packaging as a project manager for packaging development for ASICs. Currently he is senior manager for ASIC packaging development.