Wenhui Zhu: Advances of 3D Integration in CHINA

Advances of 3D Integration in CHINA
Wenhui Zhu,
Central South University,


With Moore’s law coming to end, 3D integration becomes an approach to extend package performance. This keynote will report most recent progress in 3D integration packaging in China,mainly on multi-scaling thermal and reliability design, new process technologies for high aspect ratio micro-via manufacturing, and extreme wafer thinning. Formation of organic insulation layer in TSV(through silicon via) based on self-assembly chemical reaction will be discussed, simulation results of controllable via-filling through additives-energy- interaction will be presented. Selective-removing of Si-Cu- composed heterogeneous wafer by using nano-particles for back-grinding will be proposed and analyzed. A short review will also be given to TSV-CIS(CMOS Image Sensor) and Fingerprint sensors, the most important application areas of TSV technology.



Dr. Wenhui Zhu is the CEO of Speed Suzhou Semiconductor Technology Pte Ltd. and professor of Central South University, China. He is the Chief Scientist of “Fundamental Research on Wafer-Level 3D Integration for 20/14nm ICs” which is the 1 st National Basic Research Program(973) in 3D IC integration. He was elected as Specially invited “1000 Elite Plan Expert(2011)” under top class Talent plan of China. Previously he was Chief Technology Officer of Tian Shui Hua Tian Technology Co. Ltd, CEO of Kun Shan Q Technology Limited Co. He has been working in TSV packaging, DFR (design for reliability), DFM (design for manufacturability) and DFP (design for performance), packaging materials and 3D nano-/micro-electronics packaging in leading semiconductor and packaging companies including Infineon,UTAC and TSHT. Dr. Zhu chaired many key projects in advanced packaging and structural integration such as national 863 project, Chinese natural science fund, and state key technology projects and made great achievements in technology innovation and cost-saving. He is a key player of international conferences, e.g. IEEE ICEPT(2008-now) and EPTC(2006-2009), as organization committee or technical committee chairman / co-chairman. Dr. Zhu is also reviewer of a few international journals in packaging areas. He has been invited to give keynote talks and short courses in international forums and conferences. Dr. Zhu has published more than 120 technical papers,owns 46 patents and won 3 times of best paper awards.