William T. Chen: Innovations in SiP & Heterogeneous Integration

Innovations in SiP & Heterogeneous Integration
William T. Chen
ASE Group


 This talk will discuss the crucial role of  heterogenous integration of electronic devices through SiP to meet the challenges for the emerging internet of things (IoT), smart devices everywhere, and migration to the cloud. We shall review the re-invention of core packaging technologies and the emergence of new innovations as developing platforms for SiP. In tracing the developments WLCSP and their evolvements into Fan Out,  we shall show how this new core technology  has great potential to play a major role in meeting the difficult challenges in the expanding IoT landscape  Finally the talk will end with a brief summary  of the Heterogeneous Integration roadmap to enable the future of our industry in the post ITRS era.


William Chen (Bill) currently holds the position of ASE Fellow and Senior Technical Advisor at ASE Group. Prior to joining ASE, he was the Director at the Institute of Materials Research & Engineering in Singapore. Bill retired from IBM Corporation after a career spanning over thirty years in various R&D and managerial positions. He has held adjunct and visiting faculty positions at Cornell University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Binghamton University. Bill is the chair of the newly formed Heterogeneous Integration Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, an initiative addressing technologies for the IoT, IoE and cloud computing era,  jointly sponsored by IEEE CPMT, SEMI and EDS.  He also chairs SEMI’s Advanced Packaging Committee. In 2009, Bill received the InterPACK Excellence Award for his contributions, and in 2010, he was presented with the IEEE CPMT Society David Feldman Outstanding Contribution Award. He is a past President of the IEEE CPMT Society and he has been elected a Fellow of IEEE and a Fellow of ASME. Bill received B. Sc. from London University, M.Sc. from Brown University and Ph.D. from Cornell University.