EPTC 2016: Speaker Update, Dr Rejeki Simanjorang will talk about Advance Packaging Requirement for Power Semiconductor Module

Dr Rejeki Simanjorang will talk about: Requirement for Advanced-Packaging Technology of Power Semiconductor Module in High Power Density Converter for More Electric Transportation. His presentation will elaborate the electrical performances of power module required for high speed switching in high power density converter. Parasitic impedance in power module that originates from devices and packaging layout will be discussed. Their effects to the power converters such as overshoot voltage, EMI issues, and switching loss will be elaborated. Finally, advanced packaging technique to minimize these parasitic impedances will be presented. More detail description can be found here


EPTC 2016: Speaker Update, Bob Chylak will talk about Opportunities and Challenges for Advance Packaging Equipment

Bob Chylak (K&S) will talk about: Opportunities and Challenges for Advance Packaging Equipment. The multitude of packaging processes creates both challenges and opportunities for equipment suppliers. The opportunities are of course to sell equipment for these emerging markets. But there is also risk of developing machines for markets that then don’t materialize in a good ROI. The end-users of the equipment are challenged with trying to develop innovative packaging solutions that distinguish themselves from their competitors without requiring equipment that is so customized that cost become prohibitive. The logical path for equipment suppliers is to develop highly versatile and re-configurable machines. This effort can be helped by the end users being careful to not over-spec the requirements, aiming for as much standardization as possible without limiting their competitive advantages and close collaboration between equipment suppliers and users. Further detail for Bob’s talk and bio can be found here