EPTC 2016 Professional Development Course

Course Leader: James E. Morris
Title : Nanotechnologies for Microelectronics Packaging Applications:
Current trends in IoT, Wearable, 3D, Flex Circuits, Thermal and Embedded passives
Affiliation: James E. Morris, Portland State University, USA
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Course Leader: Ingrid De Wolf, Prof.
Title : 3D Integrated Circuits Failure Analysis
Affiliation: IMEC, Belgium & KULeuven, Belgium
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Course Leader: Albert Lan
Title : Fan-In and Fan-Out in Wafer Level Packaging
Affiliation: SPIL, Taiwan
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Course Leader: Yogendra Joshi
Title : Energy Efficient Thermal Management of Data Centers
Affiliation: Georgia Tech, USA
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Course Leader: Holden Li
Title : Internet of Things (IoT) focusing on Wireless Sensors Network and Active RFID
Affiliation: Tamasek Laboratories at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
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Course Leader: Paul D. Franzon
Title : 2.5D- and 3D-Stacked Integrated Circuits
Affiliation: North Carolina State University, USA
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EPTC 2016: PDC on Nanotechnologies for Microelectronics Packaging Applications

Prof. James E. Morris (Portland State University, USA) will conduct a PDC titled: Nanotechnologies for Microelectronics Packaging Applications: Current trends in IoT, Wearable, 3D, Flex Circuits, Thermal and Embedded passives. The course will cover introduction to electronics packaging for context. It then discuss  the application of nanoparticle and CNT properties to the enhancement of packaging materials. The discussions include enhancement for reliability, e.g. by melting-point depression, sintering, Coulomb blocks, enhanced chemical activities, high mechanical strength, low ballistic resistance, etc. It  will also discuss applications of nanowires and other nanoscale structures. The complete course description can be found here