EPTC 2016 Professional Development Course

Course Leader: James E. Morris
Title : Nanotechnologies for Microelectronics Packaging Applications:
Current trends in IoT, Wearable, 3D, Flex Circuits, Thermal and Embedded passives
Affiliation: James E. Morris, Portland State University, USA
Course description:




Course Leader: Ingrid De Wolf, Prof.
Title : 3D Integrated Circuits Failure Analysis
Affiliation: IMEC, Belgium & KULeuven, Belgium
Course description:





Course Leader: Albert Lan
Title : Fan-In and Fan-Out in Wafer Level Packaging
Affiliation: SPIL, Taiwan
Course description:



Course Leader: Yogendra Joshi
Title : Energy Efficient Thermal Management of Data Centers
Affiliation: Georgia Tech, USA
Course description:




Course Leader: Holden Li
Title : Internet of Things (IoT) focusing on Wireless Sensors Network and Active RFID
Affiliation: Tamasek Laboratories at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Course description:





Course Leader: Paul D. Franzon
Title : 2.5D- and 3D-Stacked Integrated Circuits
Affiliation: North Carolina State University, USA
Course description:




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