EPTC 2016 Introduce Institution Visit


We are proud to announce a great support from Singapore University Of Technology and Design (SUTD) for EPTC 2016 Introduce Institution Visit. Starting this year we are introducing an EPTC’s Institution Visit as part of the ETPC Programs. 



Registered conference delegates  will have the chance to  visit 3D fabrication laboratory and SUTD-MIT International Design Centre (IDC). The 2,700 sqm Fabrication Laboratory aims to allow students to design and build virtually “almost anything”.  Faculty, researchers and students are able to access valuable expertise and resources to transform their creative ideas into tangible products, and eventually, into meaningful outcomes and innovations to serve societal needs.

The IDC is a multi-million dollar centre based in Singapore at SUTD, and Cambridge, MA,UAS at MIT, with academic and industrial partners from around the world. The IDC seeks to leverage their environment and partnership to create the next generation of technically-based leaders, world-class scholarship and entrepreneurship as part of an innovation ecosystem.

Hong Kong action movie star Jackie Chan had gifted four ancient Chinese Structures to the campus. These heritage building, which included a Chinese opera stage and A pavilion. The building, from China’s southern Anhui province, are said to date back to the Qing and Ming Dynasties, around 370 years ago. Conference Delegates will have a chance to check out its historical buildings.



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